What if a hybrid experience could galvanise a global IT community?


After two years of virtual events and digital-only engagement, audience behaviours and expectations are altered. Post-covid, a resurgence in experience marketing has a new hybrid dimension, rich with opportunities.



With a beginner’s mindset, unlearning opens our eyes to new possibilities. With a fierce audience-first mentality we blend together the best of live and digital experience design to create adaptable new program strategies.



A revolutionary global hybrid experience that brings live audiences together in London, Paris, Sydney and New York, whilst in parallel, galvanises virtual attendees through an epic keynote broadcast.



Thirty-six product films generated pre-show hype with 15,000 digital attendees, 4 epic live events fostered advocacy posting an NPS of 8.6 and an epic global live keynote broadcast sparked 1.7m social engagements.