Curious canopy.

What if you could see connectivity?


People don’t remember what they’re told, they remember how you made them feel. Despite this, so much technology storytelling in the live channel follows the predictable pattern of boasting, bragging and preaching.



As Arthur C Clarke famously said, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’, so to change the way people feel about tomorrow’s tech, we always advocate peeking curiosity with a trick or two.



The ‘Curious Canopy’ is a bespoke reactive ceiling installation that ‘magically’ observes and influences movement as an artistic interpretation of hyper-connectivity and a demonstration of breakthroughs in IOT.



Simple, intuitive and impactful. This ‘DBA Design Effectiveness’ and ‘FX Design’ award-winning project was experienced by over 100’000 people, 59% of whom stated ‘curiosity’ as their main reason for visiting.