Podcast: 25 years of
effective experiential.

Much has changed in the event/experiential world since 2LK was founded 25 years ago – and indeed some has stayed the same. This is also true of the agency itself. Much may have changed, but one of the constants is our ‘Effective Experiential’ philosophy.

Written by Dan Mason.

In recognition of our 25 years of independence, Event Industry News interviewed Managing Director Dan Mason and Creative Director Andy Sexton in this 33-minute podcast, where Dan and Andy touch on the history of marketing and technology, how both of these impact live brand activations and share advice to deliver creatively-inspired effective experiences.

Podcast Dan Mason & Andy Sexton from 2LK discuss experiential marketing

Brands and organisations need to think outside the box to get their messages heard. Live events have the power to create meaningful impressions on potential clients and encourage more business from existing ones. Though live events are short-lived, they can create lasting influences long after the event has finished. That’s why we challenge everything, we try to simplify everything and we try to measure everything.

Special thanks to Event Industry News for first publishing this podcast on 2 July 2019. 

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