Seven ways AI is inspiring young creatives and which tools to use.

2LK Digital Designer, Rory Tatton, on the seven ways AI is inspiring creatives, including which tools to use. Written in collaboration with ChatGPT, naturally.

Written by Rory Tatton.

AI is revolutionising the design industry, and it’s an exciting time for young talent to explore its potential. The integration of AI technologies in creative workflows is not replacing their skills; instead, it’s empowering them to deliver extraordinary results and reshape the creative landscape. In this article, we’ll explore how AI is being harnessed by small design agencies, presenting specific examples of AI-powered apps that can inspire and amplify.

1 ) Streamlined workflow.

Imagine having AI tools like Canva by your side, automating repetitive tasks such as resizing images or organising files. By streamlining these mundane activities, creatives can devote more time and energy to the aspects of design that truly spark their passion and unlock their innate abilities.

2) Intelligent design assistance.

With AI-powered apps like Adobe Sensei, young designers have an intelligent companion to offer suggestions and recommendations. This guidance enhances decision-making, encouraging exploration and pushing boundaries. AI becomes a trusted ally, unlocking new possibilities and expanding creative horizons.

3) Data-driven decision making.

AI-powered tools like Framer provide valuable insights derived from data. By analysing user feedback, interactions, and design metrics, aspiring designers gain a deeper understanding of user preferences and behaviours. Armed with this knowledge, they can refine and optimise their work to create captivating experiences.

4) Customisable solutions.

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered app that empowers users to offer clients a range of customisable options. By harnessing AI algorithms, the app can tailor logos, brand identities, and marketing materials to the specific needs and preferences of clients, fostering a collaborative and personalised design journey.

5) Intelligent automation.

Appypie is an example of an AI-powered tool that automates the generation of visual presentations and infographics. By taking care of repetitive design tasks, creatives can focus on injecting their unique vision and storytelling abilities into their work.

6) Enhanced visual search.

AI-powered platforms like Adobe Stock offer a treasure trove of inspiration. By leveraging AI’s visual search capabilities, junior designers can quickly discover relevant images, illustrations and graphics that align with their vision. This abundant visual library fuels imagination and aids in crafting aesthetically stunning creations.

7) Copywriting and enhanced learning.

Language models like ChatGPT spark the imagination and provide powerful learning opportunities. They generate engaging written content and provide a wellspring of ideas, helping users develop their unique voice. Additionally, AI can serve as a knowledgeable mentor, providing step-by-step instructions and guidance in mastering design tools and techniques.

Aspiring creatives have an incredible opportunity to embrace AI and use it as a tool to amplify their talent. AI-powered apps are here to support, enhance and stimulate the next generation. AI helps to push boundaries, unlock potential, and redefine what is possible in this ever-evolving world.


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