Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

Exhibitions and events are often compared to intricate military manoeuvres in terms of strategy and logistics. Sometimes it can certainly feel it for Marketing and Event Managers when the pressure’s on to deliver impactful, ‘stand-out-from-the-crowd’ brand experiences every year – with ever-squeezed budgets!

Written by Dan Mason.

Experienced event people are well-versed in trying to satisfy an eager CMO’s brand marketing requirements as well as the CFO’s demands to cut costs.

Similar to a meticulously planned military operation, the answer lies in planning. Not just any planning. Long-term planning. But this is often at odds with the tactical needs and demands of dynamic global businesses, which work to year by year profit reporting and shorter-term shareholder satisfaction. This is especially true for fast-moving sectors such as technology and consumer electronics.

An effective agency/client relationship combined with a long-term flexible, modular exhibition and event strategy that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel every year can be a critical weapon in solving this quandary. Here are five reasons why this approach works so well:

2LK’s award-wining relationship with Intel, spanning more than 23 years, is proof positive that a trusted agency/client relationship that focuses on long-term planning, with agreed budgets and objectives, reaps benefits to all parties involved.