Advertising Week New York ‘23: Top trends and tips.

Advertising Week NY curates a rich blend of immersive brand activations with inspiring keynotes and insightful panels, uniting the industry to unpack the biggest ideas, latest innovations and most wrestle-worthy issues of today. So what's shaking and shaping today's creative agenda and how did experience marketing show up at Advertising Week NY 2023?

Written by Andy Sexton & Kate Fulford-Brown.

1) AI tops the bill.

The AI hype machine was loud and seductive, with insightful discussions on AI’s evolving role in marketing, creativity and society.

2) New design realities.

As we continue to merge digital and physical experiences, it’s clear that AR/VR/MR and Web3 can be leveraged to deepen brand connection.

3) There’s still a Metaverse.

It’s harder than ever to build trust and relevance with today’s conscientious consumers. Gen Z looks to content first, so how do we build trust through content, across different channels?

4) The B2B renaissance.

B2B is undergoing a renaissance as business models, innovation drivers and buyers evolve dramatically – some of the most profitable companies across the globe are B2B companies.

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5) The Barbie experience.

From a doll to a cultural phenomenon, Barbie has become THE experience brand and she’s got a lot to teach us about experience marketing.

6) The purpose advantage.

Next-generation ‘exponential’ organisations all have an underlying purpose to positively impact the world – this propels them forwards.

*From ‘Exponential Organizations’ by Salim Ismail

7) The future is female.

TFQ (The Female Quotient) is the equality engine for the world’s greatest businesses – and they dominated AWNY 2023.

How can you create The Experience Advantage® at AWNY (pro tips for 2024)?

Forget what you know about Cannes Lions, AWNY is a very different experience – less focus on creativity, less agency attendees, less parties, less polished content – but it’s busy and richly curated, so lean into these pro tips for 2024:


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